Ref.pngReferee Certification for new referees:
Referee certification is a 2 part process. First go to and click on “How to Become a Referee” and complete the online registration process and payment.  After completing registration you will be directed to the NC Game Officials website for the training sessions. Both the online training sessions and the exam on the NC Game Officials website need to be completed prior to attending the classroom session. The 2nd part is to attend the 9 hour one day classroom session.  For additional or questions contact Cliff Clement at  or call 910.340.9130.
Clinic will be at Jacksonville High School/  Jan. 25th, 2014 / 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM
GENERAL INFORMATION: Clinics are scheduled in all areas of North Carolina from July through April of every year. Mostclinics and training are now completely on line and all clinics now have some on line portion to them. Obviously the later in the year you are looking the less likely future clinics will be posted in an area convenient to you. If there are no convenient clinics posted at this time you can wait to see what else is scheduled for your area or you can choose to attend a less conveniently located clinic. You can also contact your Area Referee Administrator (Cliff Clement), the NCSRA Operations Manager, or the State Director of Instruction to see what clinics may be in the pipeline. Do not contact the SRA regarding future clinics which are yet to be scheduled as he does not have that information. The contact information for ARAs, the Operations Manager, and the SDI is located on the main page of the website. If you need to change a clinic for any reason you can do so by going back to and removing your current clinic registration and choosing another one.


What should I bring to the to the entry level clinic (Grade 8), what material is provided and a brief overview of the clinic?

The USSF Referee clinic will certify referees with the United States Soccer Federation. You will be registered with the North Carolina Soccer Referee Association. Successful completion of this clinic will certify referees to work anywhere in the U.S. This clinic is not associated with any high school or college program. 

What to bring with you: pen or pencil, social security number, notepaper. Lunch on your own.

My child has soccer practice 
on the clinic day, May he/she leave for two hours and return after practice?
No, we understand people have very busy schedules, but attendance at the
 entire clinics is mandatory.

Is there a minimum age requirement to become a referee?

Yes, in North Carolina we have a minimum age requirements. You must be at least 14 years old in order to attend the grade 8 referee certification clinic.

What time will lunch break be, so I can bring my child's lunch?

In general the lunch break could be anytime between 11:45-12:15. However it depends on where we are with the topic covered.

When will we start getting game assignments?

This will be covered in the clinic, but you need to register with an assignor after you get certified. The assignments come through the referee assignors. If there is a particular league of field location you wish to referee, you need to contact the assignor who assigns those games.

What do referees earn?

The payment depends on the age level of the game, division (recreational, challenge, or classic, amateur, etc..) and whether you are the referee or the assistant referee. Fees for the classic division are listed on the NCYSA website. for all other matches ask your assignor.

Is there a test at the conclusion of the clinic? What if I don't pass the test?

There is a multiple-choice test given at the end of the 
on-line modules. You must get a passing score of 75%. If you don't pass, then you can arrange for a re-test.

I am not able to attend the listed clinics, When will the next clinics be held?

Most areas of the state schedule clinics in July and then again in January. For the list of clinic dates check the clinic schedule in this website as the dates are added continuously.

Is there an annual requirement to stay certified?

Yes, the annual requirement is 
completing a re-certification session and passing a written test.